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this is where i dump some code i create and rarely share some stuff i found on the internet. hopefully at least something here is useful or interesting to you.
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Recent Changes
2023-06-24 ▶ a new project is created, VNDS Converter for 夏荷 | Summer Lotus
2023-04-14 21:44 ▶ domtaiko is now known as kpdtaiko.
2022-08-10 22:57 ▶ a new project is created, domtaiko
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--small stuff--
audacity label track to lyric (lrc) file
pixiv kaios fix

--pc stuff--
vndspcpl (vnds interpreter)

VNDS Converter for 夏荷 | Summer Lotus

--kaios apps and games--
kpdtaiko (wip) (rhythm game)
vnoko (wip) (vnds interpreter)
bankitube (wip) (youtube client)
baka⑨player (gensokyo radio player)
audio visualizer
musmus highway (game)

actual garbage - archive of old abandoned trash that i worked on
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